Tapasake Club – A Fusion of Japanese Flavours in One and Only Portonovi

Let me share with you my fun and exciting experience at Tapasake Club in One&Only Portonovi. The good thing is it\’s located just a few minutes from my house! Yay!


I recently came back from a trip to Morocco (with Two Monkeys Tours). I\’ve been so busy with life at home and getting back to “work” but glad to be still able to have a social life and cuddling time with my cats. So together with my friends Julia and Boris, we visited the Tapasake Club Portonovi in One&Only Portonovi. More details about this resort and restaurant below.


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About One&Only Portonovi


One&Only Portonovi is a Beach Resort located in the heart of Boka Bay in Herceg Novi. This 60-acres spreading resort overlooks a dramatic coastline of mountain vistas and calm waters. The resort offers its signature experiences to everyone who wants to enjoy their weekend. It also has a private beach area and a kids\’ club so the little ones won’t get bored!


Want some pampering? You’re in the right place! One&Only Portonovi has a spa and wellness facilities including an indoor pool and a hot tub where you can have a relaxing and quiet time. 

Furthermore, within this beautiful resort is this new restaurant that would satisfy my cravings for some Asian cuisine – The Tapasake Club Portonovi.

What Awaits You at The Tapasake Club Portonovi

The Tapasake Club is a one-of-a-kind waterfront destination here in Montenegro that serves Japanese-Peruvian cuisine alongside world-class entertainment and services.

I am just so lucky that I’ve got invited to see the new Tapasake Club Portonovi beach club which is less than 20 mins. drive from my house. How convenient is that? Seems like I won’t spend so much time outside Herceg Novi because of this Haha.


The hospitality of the crew and chef is exceptional! Plus the DJ is cool, and everyone is attractive. I really do wish I could come here more often! Haha

What Do They Offer?

Tapasake Club offers a unique concept of their food that you won’t find anywhere else! From small sushi and sashimi platters to ceviche, carpaccio, and marinated fish and meats grilled over hot coals, there\’s something for everyone!

Their tapas-style dishes with contemporary Japanese influence are a must-try! You can even have this mouthwatering food at the pool or the rooftop terrace while vibing music is playing! This type of ambiance invites more people to go here and have a fantastic experience!


The Drinks and Beverages

With great food comes a great drink. Tapasake Beach Club has a wide selection of eclectic drinks, from classic sake to vodka-based summer coolers, signature cocktails, and international wine. Not only that but you can also try their beers with a choice of Japanese Asahi Ice beer.


Cocktails, you say? Of course, they have it as well! Their fruity cocktails along with their sweet desserts with a Japanese touch will surely satisfy your cravings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Accommodation does One&Only offer?


They offer private and luxurious cabanas or villas, rooms, and exceptional suites.

Private Villas

One&Only Portonovi has 2 private villas (Villa One and Villa Two). 

Villa One is a three-bedroom private oasis. It’s boasting with arched hallways and cool stone floors that exude Montenegrin style. With wonderful views overlooking the Adriatic Sea, this is where you can find peace and tranquility.

Villa Two, on the other hand, is a two-bedroom villa that is visually and architecturally stunning. Located just next to Villa One, it frees up the whole ground floor for fun and entertainment.

Rooms and Suites

The Rooms at the resort have 3 different options: Portonovi Room, with inventive design; Bayview Room, with fresh air on your sea-facing terrace; and the Panoramic Bayview Room, with its sweeping views of the bay perfect for all seasons.

You can have 3 options with One&Only’s suites selection:

Panoramic Bayview Suite – it has a King bedroom, a living room, a dining room that can seat up to six, and two separate fireplaces.

Two-Bedroom Family Suite – Equipped with one King bedroom connected to a Queen. Ideal for larger groups.

Suite One – This oversized suite can comfortably seat 12, both indoors and out. 

You can check more of their accommodation information here.

2. How much is the rate in One&Only Portonovi?

It depends on availability. You can check the rate and book on their main website or

3. How to reserve a table in Tapasake Club?

You can email them for a reservation. Send your email at or just directly reserve a table here.

4. What’s the schedule of the Tapasake Club?

Their opening times are as follows:

Lunch: 1pm to 5pm
Dinner: 6:30pm to 11pm
Pool Club: 1pm to 9pm
Shisha Lounge: 7pm to 12am

Everyone wants to live in bigger cities but I’m telling you, I will not leave HercegNovi especially now that One&Only Portonovi is open.


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