Jobs and Salary in Montenegro – What is the Average Salary in Montenegro?

Are you searching for jobs and salaries in Montenegro? You\’re on the right page! Take a look at our list below to learn more about this topic!


The same with other countries anywhere in the world, the jobs and salaries in Montenegro vary from place, company, and job position. This isn\’t something new. So if you\’re thinking of immigrating to this country, then you might also consider the jobs available for you and the salary that you can receive. Although the average salary in the country is around 520.00 EUR, taxes and contributions are deducted already from this salary. With the taxes and contributions included, the gross salary is around 780.00 EUR. However, as mentioned, it can vary from different job categories. See below to get more information. 

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List of Jobs and Salaries in Montenegro

1. Chemical Industry


The chemical industry is not so big but you can find at least four occupations in this field: chemical engineer, chemist, laboratory technician, and technologist. The salary ranges from 459.00 to 997.00 EUR per month. 

2. IT Industry

The IT industry is growing every day, not only in Montenegro but around the globe. For this reason, it’s not surprising that you can find plenty of job choices when it comes to this field. All kinds of programmers and developers, business intelligence specialists, IT project managers, IT architects, analysts, specialists, network administrators, consultants, scrum masters, webmasters and designers, and iOS developers can be found in the country if you’re looking for work in Montenegro in this industry. The average salary monthly is a bit difficult to determine but it goes from 434.00 up to 1,624.00 EUR. 

3. Car Industry


It is not surprising that the car industry is known for having stable and consistent job opportunities for people worldwide and that includes Montenegro. Jobs you can apply in this field include auto electrician, auto tinman, auto mechanic, constructor, controller, varnish, process engineer, and technologist. The average monthly salary ranges from 411.00 to 1,029.00 EUR. 

4. Translation Jobs

You can earn from 360.00 to 1069.00 EUR monthly as a translator in Montenegro. The most common jobs are lector/proofreader, translator, and interpreter.

5. Trade Business

In the trade business, you can look for a lot of job opportunities in Montenegro, which include sales agent, salesman, cashier, sales manager, merchandiser, and account manager. You can earn from 307.00 to 989.00 EUR per month.

6. Tourism, Gastronomy, and Catering

One of the most reputable and stable job industries in Montenegro is tourism. The south of the country is more focused on summer tourism while the north is on winter tourism. The most popular professions are animator, bartender, cashier, waiter, cocktail master, pizza chef, chef, croupier, fast food worker, sommelier, receptionist, lifeguard, maid, etc. The salary ranges from 297.00 to 822.00 EUR. However, it can get higher during the peak season and it also depends on the place you’re working in.

7. Administration


If you want to apply for a job in Montenegro in the Administration field, then there’s a wide range of occupations you can find including referent, archivist, assistant, receptionist, office manager, secretary, procurement specialist, and telephone operator. The salary goes from 330.00 – 640.00 EUR.

8. Economics, Finance, and Accounting

This is a large industry in the country. Here are the jobs available as an economist in Montenegro: data analyst, broker, invoicing, financial analyst, controller, advisor, accountant, statistician, tax advisor, bookkeeping clerk, payroll clerk, auditor. Depending on your job description, your salary can range from 340.00 up to 1 231.00 EUR.

9. Marketing

If you are experienced in working in the marketing industry, then you can apply for one of these jobs: promoter, PR and digital marketing manager, graphic designer, social media specialist, copywriter, and DTP operator. The salary ranges from 395.00 EUR (minimum wage) to 1,175.00 EUR.

10. Banking

The banks’ conditions are growing positively in Montenegro since there are a lot of people investing in this field. These are the positions you can apply for: bank office specialist, advisor, treasurer, branch director, financial analyst, mortgage advisor, internal revisor, loan officer, head of a department, and counter clerk. The salary is from 399.00 to 1,384.00 EUR.

11. Telecommunications


If this is the field you’re interested in, you can apply as a Mail delivery man, fitter, mobile network developer, telecommunications engineer, or technician. The salary ranges from 359.00 up to 1 529.00 EUR per month. 

12. Medicine, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine


The professions available in the health industry include radiology assistant, pharmacist, anesthesiologist, nurse, doctor, surgeon, physiotherapist, dentist, nutritionist, optician, regulatory manager, medical advisor, psychotherapist, social worker, caregiver, community worker, veterinarian and veterinary technician, ambulance driver, and medical assistant. The monthly salary goes from 338.00 to 903.00 EUR.

13. Senior Management

This is unsurprisingly the highest-paid but time-demanding job in Montenegro. These people are those who work as a country manager, logistics director, sales or production director, executive director, etc. Their salaries range from 575.00 to 2 915.00 EUR.

14. Electrical Engineering

People looking for a job related to electrical engineering can apply as an electrician, electrical engineer, technician, power engineer, machine operator, process engineer, designer, serviceman, technologist. The monthly salary is from 388.00 to 1,109.00 EUR. 


15. Journalism, and Media

Those people who work in the Journalism industry receive a salary from 450.00 to 887.00 EUR. The occupations include a content provider, journalist, publisher, editor, reporter, printer, designer, production assistant, etc. 

16. Agriculture, and Food Industry


There are plenty of jobs related to food production and animals in Montenegro. You can be a fruit picker and or agricultural engineer. The monthly salary is from 318.00 to 792.00 EUR.

17. Construction, and Real Estate

If your forte is in the construction and real estate category then you can apply for a real estate agent, architect, interior designer, surveyor, civil engineer, construction worker, technician, constructor, production manager, painter/plasterer, real estate appraiser, construction machine manager, plumber, welder, supervisor, and construction site manager. The salary you can expect is from 413.00  to 1 193.00 EUR. 

18. Transport and Logistics 

The transport and logistics jobs receive a salary from 305.00 to 895.00 EUR per month. The people who work here are mostly involved in logistics, forwarding, and transportation. 

19. Education, Scientific, and Research Work

A foreigner can have a permanent employment relationship in private schools in Montenegro. This still depends on the school. Salary can vary from the job position but it ranges from 420.00 to 834.00 EUR. Positions available include teacher, special educator, director, janitor, instructor, education coordinator, research worker, sports coach, psychologist.

20. Law

If you want to work in this field then you must have good knowledge of Montenegrin law. Monthly lawyers\’ salaries range from 450.00 to 1 300.00 EUR. The professions include lawyer, bailiff, notary, etc.

21. Ecology

The most common jobs in this field are ecologists, water engineers, various technicians, foresters, and biologists. The monthly salary is from 424.00 to 960.00 EUR. 

22. Art and Culture


When it comes to this field, there are only temporary engagement options during cultural events. You can get paid from 337.00 to 894.00 EUR. The occupations include decorator, sound engineer, designer, photographer, choreographer, culture officer, archaeologist, make-up artist, cameraman, editor.

23. Manufacturing Industry

This type of branch in the economy in Montenegro needs special research. Job-seekers need to be in the production of goods, processing raw materials, and quality control. The salary in this area ranges from 297.00 to 1,250.00 EUR.



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