How To Get a Job in Montenegro as a Foreigner [Find Work in Montenegro]

As you have seen on Kach’s blogs and videos, Montenegro is a young and laid-back European country. It’s a country that attracts tourists which are more than its current population. If you want to live here, what are your chances of being employed? Well, you can check out these websites that will help you on how to find work in Montenegro.


Montenegro is great for people with Entrepreneurial mindsets as finding a job for foreigners is quite hard. Plus, the pay is not that competitive compared to other European countries. However, some companies offer non-Montenegrin speakers to work and live here. Read below to learn more.


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1. The Employment Service of Montenegro (Zavod za zapošljavanje/Biro rada)


Website Language: Serbian/Montenegrin

The official website of the Employment Bureau of Montenegro is Zavod Za zapošljavanje. Its goal is to help unemployed persons to have a job as soon as possible. To see the job vacancies, you go to “SRM,” which means Slobodna radna mjesta. There are many opportunities you can find here.



Website Language: Serbian/Montenegrin

Another website where you can find work in Montenegro is Though the language is not in English, they have partnered with thousands of employers already. You can go to “Oglasi za Pasao” for the job listings.



Website Language: Serbian/Montenegrin

Zaposli is a website that not only offers opportunities to those who register but also companies can select potential employees through their list. This employment agency portal has many big companies advertising in them, especially hotels. You can check out the vacancies to know which suits you best.

4. Mali Oglasi Crna Gora


Website Language: Serbian/Montenegrin

Mali Oglasi is just like a newspaper ad; however, the ads are seen online. You can find jobs by looking for “Ponuda – POSAO,” make sure they are located in Montenegro and not the other countries. However, most jobs here require knowledge of the country’s language.



Website Language: Serbian/Montenegrin

Upload your resume or find a job at the search bar in It’s a search engine for job seekers and employers that is easy to use. The website also operates in 90 plus countries all over the world.

6. Posao – Crna Gora


Website Language: Serbian/Montenegrin

This Crna Gora Media Doo is a media company that provides information about the country. If you want to see the latest job postings here, go to “Trziste” (Market), then look for “Posao” (Jobs). Most jobs come from ZZZCG.



Website Language: Serbian

Though is mostly for US citizens, they also have a website specified for the Balkans, To look for jobs, it’s better to type “Crna Gora,” Montenegro in the local language. You will need to prepare your translators for this to understand the descriptions.

8. Learn4good


Website Language: English

One of the websites here that offer jobs in English is Learn4good. However, this website is not exclusive to Montenegro, but you can find work all over the world. If you want to find work in the Country, make sure the Job Location is filtered to “Montenegro.”

9. LinkedIn


Website Language: English

Linkedin is one of the best platforms for professionals to join and apply for jobs. It connects professionals as well as candidates to future employers. It’s also pretty easy; type “Montenegro” on the location, and you will find available jobs in the country. You can also upload your resume so that companies can see it.

10. Hotel Websites

If you don’t want to pass through job agencies, you can directly go to the Hotel or Resort Websites. Examples are PortoNovi, Regent Porto Montenegro, The Chedi Lustica Bay, and Lazure Hotel. Take not of tourist seasons, April to September, as the hotels may hire a few months before.

11. Newspaper Announcements


Website Language: Serbian/Montenegrin

Get your Google Translate ready as you look for jobs old school, through browsing the papers. You can buy newspapers from local stores or stands and check out the ad section or for hire section.

12. Non-governmental sector

You can also check websites of Non-Government Organizations or Non-Profit Organizations in Montenegro. They might require workers depending on their goals or needs. One example is UNDP-Montenegro (United Nations Development Program), you can go to jobs and apply there.

13. Websites of embassies in Montenegro

Another place where to find jobs in Montenegro is the embassies. It’s an advantage if you are a citizen of that embassy as there are not many language barriers. For the US Embassy in Podgorica, you can check this link. As for other embassies, you can go to this link.

14. Montenegro Digital Nomads and Remote Workers – Facebook Group


Language: English

For those who are remote workers or have special skill sets, then you can offer your services in this Facebook Group. There are many digital nomads here who could use your expertise like website development, virtual assistant, and many more. Just check out some posts or offer up your services!

15. In-Person

If you are a person in need of a job, then don’t be shy as you ask business owners if they are open to hiring. Who knows? You might be interviewed there and get an immediate position. You never know!


Those are ways on how to find work in Montenegro. It may be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t know the local language, but with hard work, you could surely find one that fits you. Good luck!


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    Am a nigerian male 45+ that have being involved in consultancy jobs with local govt on revenue generation. Operated my own livestock farm with pigs, birds and catfish.currently in fleet management of vehicles for Bolts. Am eager ro move ro Montenegro on a permanent basis to share my knowledge and learn new things.

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