Birthday Party with Catamaran Tahiti – The Largest Sailing Party Boat in Montenegro

Celebrating my birthday at Catamaran Tahiti while enjoying the beautiful coast of Montenegro! What a unique birthday celebration I had!


After all the things that have been happening to me since the year 2021 started, I didn\’t really expect that I\’ll be celebrating my birthday with a blast! Catching up with friends while exploring the wonderful coast of Montenegro, and partying for hours! All these were made possible because of One Day Charter as I celebrated my 33rd birthday at Catamaran Tahiti!


Sailing through the coast of Montenegro has never been this amazing with good music, good drinks, and amazing people that are with me during my special day! More below about One Day Charter and my birthday celebration at Catamaran Tahiti.


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What is a Catamaran?


A Catamaran is a yacht or a boat with two hulls. The word “Catamaran’ came from the Tamil word “kattumaram” which means logs bound together. It can be a sail or an engine-powered boat. Its double hulls make it easily recognizable among other types of boats.


Catamarans are now becoming popular among sports sailors because of their style, speed, and comfort that may be compared to a yacht. In Montenegro, I discovered One Day Charter and got the chance to celebrate my birthday in their Catamaran Tahiti with the best people! More of my experiences with them are below.

Why is Catamaran Tahiti Ideal for Celebrations? – Highlights on my Birthday

Catamaran Tahiti is the one I had for my birthday summer party! Tahiti 80 is designed for one-day charters which is great for parties, relaxation, and celebrations. It is recognized as the largest in Montenegro due to its spacious, beautiful design that can easily accommodate up to 96 people! Perfect for big celebrations!

To celebrate my 33rd birthday this year, I was so glad that it happened in an amazing way. The Catamaran Tahiti made my birthday this year extra special and memorable! We had a sunset party, were offered a variety of drinks, and we all just enjoy the moment while we\’re still there.


We arrived at around 2:30 in the afternoon to check the boat and to meet the captain to talk about the stops and other planned stuff during our sail. We left Movida Tivat and picked up more people and my family at around 4:00 in Herceg Novi. We actually had 3 swimming stops during the entire time of our sail, while partying and enjoying the music.


Aside from the captain, the Catamaran Tahiti also has a crew in the bar. Usually, you will need to buy alcohol in the bar but they allowed us to bring our own booze and food which is really amazing! All of my friends, friends of friends, family, and Filipino friends are there so it was really a memorable party. Anna even surprised me with a gift – a book, a wine, balloons, and a bag from One Day Charter MNE. The bookworm in me was so happy!


The dancing, laughing, catching up with friends, and non-stop talking while drinking our favorite cocktails are the main highlights of my birthday! We\’re also able to see every popular spot on the Montenegrin Coast. 


We returned to Herceg Novi at around 10:30 in the evening with parties and music. It’s been a fun night as almost 90 people were there. Although I’m not familiar with 30% of the people there because they’re friends of friends, we’re still able to have such a blasting party.


I’d like to thank Anna, Nevina, and Ivana – the 3 people in charge of the Catamaran Tahiti and One Day Charter MNE. I also wanna thank Milos Buba and Anjo Dusa for performing for me for free as a birthday gift with deep house music, which is my type of music. My birthday this year wouldn’t be possible if not for these amazing people. Thank you so much!


Sailing the beautiful coast of Montenegro while riding the Catamaran Tahiti 80 is the best way to experience any special gatherings with your loved ones, like swimming, boozing, good music, good boat, which are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and other special events like mine.


Facts About Catamaran Tahiti


Period (May, June, September, October)
5 Hour: 2,662 €
10 Hour: 4,900 €

Period (July, August)
5 Hour: 2,880 €
10 Hour: 5,330 €

Note: These rates are prices available for 2021. If you\’re planning to rent for the next year, it\’s better to contact One Day Charter for the actual prices.


We began sailing from Movida Beach in Tivat which is the starting point of the Catamaran Tahiti. The beach itself is already beautiful so it made us more excited about our upcoming sailing trip!

Movida Beach is usually popular for organizing big events in Montenegro, making it a more ideal location for Catamaran Tahiti as well. The amazing beach vibe of Movida and the fun experience with One Day Charter created a really memorable birthday event for me!


Other Catamarans You Can Rent with One Day Charter Montenegro


Aside from the Catamaran Tahiti 80, One Day Charter also has other catamarans in their fleet that you can choose from depending on the occasion. They are:

Lagoon 400 – can accommodate up to 12 people and is ideal for sailing with a small group of friends or family. It has 4 cabins each with a private bathroom so everyone can surely have a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

Lagoon 450 – is almost the same as Lagoon 400 but with a bigger space as it can hold up to 15 people. It is also equipped with a sliding window for the convenient transfer of dishes to the cockpit.

Do they have any contact details?

Yes. If you want to directly contact them for your inquiries, here are their contact details:

Contact Number: +382 69 140 400

You can also check out their social media sites such as Instagram for Catamaran Tahiti, Instagram for One Day Charter, and Facebook.


I hope all of you would also experience the amazing time I had with One Day Charter and Catamaran Tahiti. I\’m sure your party would never be the same! Cheers to more birthdays for me!


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