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If you are seeking local experts who will help you get a residency permit, find you the best property and investment opportunities, while also ensuring you are protected legally, contact Move2Montenegro team now.

Nemanja Tatar

Born and raised in Budva, Montenegro, Nemanja Tatar is the CEO and an Executive Director of He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Tourism.

Nemanja has traveled to 26 countries, explored different cultures, and met a lot of people along the way. He has also lived in the United States which is why he can speak English fluently. Apart from that, he can also manage a basic conversation in Spanish and Russian. This skill helped him grow more connections and level up his communication skill with different people around the world.

Moreover, he is fully aware of the Digital Nomad Programs and Lifestyle and why people are starting to fully embrace this way of life. He has witnessed and heard different stories of people who want to challenge living in a different country with a totally different culture. 

For this reason, he wants to make the process for foreigners who plan to relocate to Montenegro a direct-to-the-point process without any complications. Through his travels around the world, he wants to put Montenegro on the map and become a leading destination for retirees, investors, and digital nomads.

Aleksa Kaljevic

Aleksa Kaljevic is the COO and Chief Accountant of Move2Montenegro. He’s born in Podgorica and raised in Budva but is currently based in Podgorica, Montenegro. 

He has a Master’s Degree in Economic Science specializing in Accounting & Auditing from the Economics Faculty of the University of Montenegro. Moreover, he has over 8 years of work experience with Hipotekarna Bank, KPMG Auditing Montenegro, and is currently a Data Analyst for Vezuv D.O.O. These experiences proved his expertise in this field of business. 

Aside from those mentioned credentials, Aleksa is also multilingual and can speak English, Montenegrin/Serbian, and Russian. This helps him connect to more people which is crucial in the type of industry that he is in. With his very detail-oriented and people skills, he wants to make the procedure of setting up a company and getting a residency in Montenegro nothing but a smooth process. 

He also wants to make sure that people who plan to build a new life and establish a new business in Montenegro will not have to stress over legalities and procedures that might arise.

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